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Great gifts for someone in the hospital

By on September 26, 2017

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As we get closer and closer to the release date of The Day Between: A memoir of miracles,I thought it would be fun to share some things that didn’t quite make the book but that I really think you’d like to read. This particular post today is probably one of my favorites and it is something I get asked a LOT! 

Good gifts for someone who will be in the hospital for an extended stay, hey some of these are even good for an overnighter! *Particularly those pregnancy related type stays*

  1. Netflix or Amazon gift cards: Did you know you can actually give a month’s subscription to Netflix? I didn’t! But its an awesome gift for someone who’s found themselves with unlimited “free” time lying in bed. If they already have a membership, no problem. It should transfer and you’ve just saved someone with hospital bills in their future a little money. WIN.
  2. A cute pillowcase or throw: You’re stuck in a bed. Its boring and awful. Let’s cheer that bed up a bit!
  3. Gum and lip balm: When I was in the hospital I really liked receiving gum, it was useful when your doctor’s rounds were before you’d brushed your morning breath away! As for Lip balm, you can not get enough of these in my opinion. Lip balm has a way of disappearing and so you can always use more and hospitals are always weirdly dry.IMG_6233
  4. Blank cards and stamps: I was continually sending notes and thank yous during my month in the hospital. And having a new stash of cards ( and pens!) to write on was really nice. And stamps were a HUGE gift! It was so hard to get stamps when you’re lying in a hospital bed and definitely no way to make a run to the post office. And bonus points if you can get fun or cute stamps that will make your patient smile.
  5. New PJs: If you know the person’s size then a new set of PJs can really brighten their day! They’re probably already tired of the three sets they brought with them, and bonus-more days between laundry! ( Extra: If you know the person well, new underwear would not go amiss- see laundry issue above. Getting laundry done in the hospital is kind of a big deal. But yeah, maybe save this gift for your besties! haha )
  6. Nice smelling hand soap and a cute hand towel: If this is an extended hospital stay, then making their room just a little bit more homey can go a long way. Plus everyone washes their hands a lot in the hospital, and I for one, am sensitive to certain soaps! Having good hand soap was really great.
  7. Amazon gift cards: There is no better time to online shop then while lying in a hospital bed. Make it easier for your friends by helping supply their habit ( P.S. confession, no one actually bought me underwear when I was in the hospital, but I DID use a well-gifted amazon card to buy more underwear for myself…what can I say! Laundry!) IMG_6232
  8. An extra extra long USB cord: THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. If you’re in the hospital you’re probably on an electronic device a LOT. The problem you’ll find is that the plugs are really far away from your bed ( usually somewhere far above your head…) so a really long cord to attach your charger to is truly an AMAZING gift! You can find them at your local office supply store, or on…you guessed it, Amazon.
  9. Snacks and meals: Once you find out if your friend has any dietary restrictions, then you can go about feeding them. Sure, there is hospital food-but that gets old FAST! And sometimes they just might get hungry during a non-meal-time! This is when protein bars, trail mix, anything at all from Trader Joes and homemade muffins come in! And if they are truly not on a restricted diet than this is when you order in a pizza from the best place in town ASAP.
  10. IMG_6230
  11. Long lasting decorations:  If you’ve got someone who’s in the hospital for a long time, and you love them lots-then scroll down to the “expensive” bouquets, there is a reason why they are pricer! They last a LONG TIME! And there really IS nothing like flowers to lighten up a dreary place. However, if you don’t want to spring for an expensive flower arrangement, then just hit up your local Hobby Lobby or craft stores. They’ve got aisles and aisles of cute decor that will look good on the window seal of any hospital room. Bonus points, once your friend is out of the hospital they can take home the cute home decor and remember your kindness FOREVER! Hooray! ( its all about you, right?!)- for instance, see the little pumpkins on my mantel in the picture at the top of this post? Those have been part of my fall decor every year since my friend Miranda gave them to me in the hospital. They’ve reminded me to be EXTRA thankful every year since

And the very BEST thing I received in the hospital?!? Well, you’ll just have to wait for my book to find out!