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By on October 6, 2014

So, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in my 7 years of marriage I’ve lived in 7 different places. Pretty crazy, right? And for the most part that has not always been the coolest. BUT there is one thing that I do  enjoy about moving and that is the decorating and the organizing! We have now lived in our current house for over a year and a half and I was starting to get antsy. Which is probably why I went through a weird furniture painting phase a month or so ago…

That said, this last weekend afforded me a little house-decor challenge when I inherited not one but two new pieces of furniture. Now, its not like our house is huge and just FULL of empty spaces waiting to be filled. In fact, quite the opposite. But, when the time came to take Brett’s Grandmother’s piano so that it could stay in the family and I could happily tell me children about the hundreds of sweet hours their Great-grandmother had spent at this very piano-teaching lessons and composing music and playing and singing hymns…well, there was clearly NO CHOICE but to take it.
And then when I was faced with either taking my Great-GREAT Grandmother’s china cabinet or “I’m just going to take it to the dump right now”,  Brett and I rented a Uhaul and on our last trip to visit family, came come with some “home decor puzzles”.

And I won’t lie. I absolutely DELIGHTED in my little furniture problem. Where could I put it all? What would I need to re-arrange?! How could I keep the house from looking stuffed with furniture?
Oh, it was all too much fun for me to handle!

In the end, my bookcase in the dining room, moved to the living room and became a part of the “play area”. In fact, bonus points, when you re-arrange toys locations in your house, your children will magically think they have new toys and play happily for a solid hour and a half. BOOM!

The piano then took the bookcases spot in the dining room, and other than the fact that Ransom wants to play the piano before and after every. single. meal. I absolutely love having it in the dining room, especially a part of my family photo wall. Treasures should be with other treasures.

And the china cabinet? Well, it actually was quite helpful! I was able to put it into a corner of our bedroom and move all the books from the bookshelf in the dining room into the china cabinet/bookshelves! I ended up “gift wrapping” the doors because one side was missing its glass ( and since my bank account just took a hit, I’m not in the glass buying mood) and I actually kinda love how it turned out.

I may, at some point get some fabric because I feel like the paper probably won’t stand up well with my little rascals running around, but for now this looks pretty cute!
( wrapping paper is from Ikea many many moons ago)



And so, after this day of moving and organizing and running around after my children all in the midst of it, I’d go ahead and say that I’m happy NOT moving for another year and a half 😉 I’ve had my little decorating fix.
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    October 7, 2014

    It all looks wonderful! The piano is beautiful there. Love the book shelf idea and the covering of the cupboard doors. You are so creative!