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How to: Throw a Preschool Christmas Party

By on December 5, 2014

Well friends, we’re well in to December and basically that means that I’ve got about FIVE blog posts I’ve been writing in my head and quite literally ZERO time to write them. Every time I get on the computer I end up scouring the internets for the perfect Christmas presents for various nieces and nephews. I really love giving presents. Mostly because I like to WIN at Christmas.

I want the present recipient to say, “Wow, Abigail just WON CHRISTMAS this year!”
Which. Well. Is the most selfish reason for giving presents ever.  So you know, I’ve basically lost the reason for the season. 😉 Interventions can be scheduled for Jan. 6th and onward. Inquires below.

Anyway, today I made the time to post-mostly because I’ve hit a little bump in the present buying road.-I only have 3 presents to go. The hardest people to buy presents for.  ( I’m looking at you MOM) So I’m taking a break to cleanse my present pallet and hopefully return with renewed vigor.

ALSO I’m posting today because I really really need your help! I’m in charge of Ransom’s class Christmas preschool class party which I thought other parents would be helping with, but his class’ parents have zero interest in helping out this year and there is only one volunteering parent per party and I guess all the other parents are just riding the wave of the rest of us this year. Meaning, I’m ON MY OWN. Which, you know, is kinda cool because I like to be in charge, but its kinda not cool because, you know, MONEY.  So I’ve already got my menu set. ( which side note, I’ll have you know that I thought up these ideas ALL ON MY OWN while sitting in the pick up line at school but then OF COURSE as soon as I googled them PINTEREST insisted that other people had ALREADY come up with these great ideas and gone so far as to take pictures and post them. BUT I’d still like for you to all give me creative credit, ok?!)


But now that I’ve got the lunch taken care of, and I figure I’ll have cookie decorating as the craft. BOOM. DONE.  But there’s ONE MORE THING I’d like to do. And it’s mostly all for myself. ( *Insert living my dreams here*) I’d like to read them a Christmas Story.

And here’s where YOU come in!! What are your favorite children’s books to read out loud to kiddos?! I am kinda a snob! I insist on good content plus good pictures. So, you know, I’m picky!.

Also, just to make you think harder please just leave out the books that include Santa. I don’t have an agenda here, just that I feel like we’re already over-Santa-ed. So lets just stick to other Christmas Tropes, ok? So now that’ve made all my demands! I hope I haven’t scared you from sharing your own favorite Christmas books with me! I’ve got a little list going but I am curious to see what you guys will come up with and then maybe I’ll share what I have so far! But so that I don’t make you do ALL the work:  My own personal favorite is a little old for preschoolers but when I saw it on a pile of books at the library I snapped it up like a long lost friend! Love, love, LOVE this book!  Go check it out Apple Tree Christmas by Trinka Hakes Noble it is beautiful in every way. :

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    December 5, 2014

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    December 8, 2014

    My girls really love the Nutcracker, but sometimes for younger kids the rat king is a bit frightening. This one has a wonderful illustrations:
    If You Take a Mouse to the Movies is a great holiday book for preschoolers and non-Santa.
    I can't give this one a personal recommendation, but I'm very curious about it. It looks fun with little ones!

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    Abby Scorsonelli

    December 8, 2014

    Auggie loves A Very Marley Christmas any day of the year. I do not share his adoration. Not even a little. I usually end up summarizing the pages just to get through it. Blerg! So really, I'm offering a suggestion for what NOT to read….. Helpful, huh?!
    Btw, do you Snapchat?? Prob not. And it's prob super weird that I want to be your SC friend…. But you'd be surprised how often I think “ooh, Abigail would love to see this” ☺️