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Resurrection Eggs: my new favorite thing

By on April 14, 2014

So a week or so ago one of my lovely Instagram friends posted a picture of some “Resurrection Eggs” and I was immediately curious! She gave me the details and a few days later I headed out to buy our own set!

I am SO glad I did!
You can find these Easter eggs at any Christian bookstore ( I looked into about three different ones in our area and they all had them)- I got mine at Family Christian Books. And the price ranges from $15 to $20. ( I got mine for $16.50), and hey if you don’t live somewhere with a Christian bookstore, you can get them online too!
The eggs came in a fun “egg carton” but I moved ours into a big bowl on our dinning room table, easier for little hands to get to and also added decoration! Score!


At first I thought we’d use the eggs like an “advent” calendar of sorts. Open an egg every day, discover the little figurine inside and read the story, but turns out Ransom likes to hear ALL the stories ALL at once! He sat through all 12 eggs about four times on the first day! I was AMAZED at how opening little eggs held his attention and how much of the stories he retained by having these little “visual aids”


I would tell him which egg to get out, he would find the right egg, open it up and he’d play with whatever was inside while I read him the story.

There is a donkey ( Palm Sunday), 3 silver coins ( judas betrayal), a little cup ( last supper), praying hands ( prayers in the garden) , a rooster ( peter’s denial), a crown of thorns ( he was mocked), a whip ( beaten and tortured for us), nails ( nailed to the cross), a spear ( pierced for our transgressions), a linen cloth ( buried) *, a stone ( covering the grave), and an empty egg ( He has risen !)
I currently alternate between reading the little stories and just telling them. But honestly, it was all surprisingly well written and each story pointed to the Truth of Easter.  Tabitha’s little baby hands in the picture above also prove that even little ones like to sit and play with the eggs. I definitely think these eggs will be a part
of our Easter Tradition from now on! Ransom just keeps on asking for us to do the Egg Stories and we just keep saying yes!
*I was super bummed when I found that my Eggs came without a linen cloth! Looks like they just left it out! Boo! But as far as easy to replace or come up with my own it was probably the best of the options. Still. Bummed.
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    Aunt Sheron

    April 16, 2014

    What a great idea and a novel way to get the message to young ones, either in age or in faith! I will look into getting a set. Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter–hope you have good weather.

    HE IS RISEN!!!